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Vaidya Atreya Smith

Ayurvedic Physician, Ayurvedic Author, Ayurvedic Professor, Ayurvedic and Jyotish Consultant


2005 – Awarded title of Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) Varanasi, India

2003 – Bachelor of Science from Trinity College in Natural Science

2000 – diploma for advanced clinical studies in Ayurveda from ’Indian Council for Ayurveda Promotion’, New Delhi, India

1998 – diploma in Ayurveda, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Santa Fe, USA

1987 – 1994, Lived in India studying traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) in Pune, Maharastra and Lucknow, UP. Additionally, personal study with the following doctors in their clinics:

  • Swami Prem Ananad, Ayurvedic massage
  • Swami Chidvilas, yogic healing, pranic healing and pranayama
  • Dr. S. Gupta, head consulting doctor for Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan, Lucknow, UP, India
  • Dr. Rasik, expert in Dravyaguna (pharmacology), Lucknow UP, India
  • Prof. K.C. Chunekar, retired head of Dravyaguna (pharmacology) at BHU, Varanasi, UP, India


1984 – 1986, Study of massage and naturopathy in USA

1981-1982, University of California at Santa Cruz

1981, University of Hawaii, Hilo

1975 – High School diploma, San Clemente, California


Present – 2004, Teacher for Ayurvedpoint, Italy

Present – 2004, Teacher for Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, The Netherlands

Present – 1998, director, teacher and founder of European Institute of Vedic Studies (EIVS), Switzerland for the promotion of ancient Indian culture and health care (Ayurveda) through courses and publications

2002- 2012, editor in chief for ’Editions Turiya’ a publishing company devoted to publications of Indian culture, medicine (Ayurveda) and

1998 – 2013, director, teacher and founder of “Institute Européen d’Etudes Védique” (European Institute of Vedic Studies), France for the promotion of ancient Indian culture and health care (Ayurveda) through courses and publications (closed as of June 30th 2013).

1998-2001, worked as an independent teacher in France, UK and Switzerland training adults in traditional Indian health care (Ayurveda).

1995-1998, teacher for several schools of natural medicine in Europe including: Tao Chi School of Chinese medicine, Switzerland

1982-1994, Lived in ashrams in US and India

1976-1982, worked as estimator and office assistant


The Psychology of Transformation in Yoga, 2013, CreateSpace, USA

Ayurvedic Nutrition, 2010, Create Space, USA

La Psychologie de la Transformation en Yoga, 2002, Editions Turiya, FR

Perfect Balance, Ayurvedic Nutrition, 2001, Penguin-Putnam, Inc., USA

Secrets of Ayurvedic Massage, 2000, Lotus Press, USA

Ayurvedic Healing for Women, 1999, Samuel Weiser, Inc., USA

Practical Ayurveda, 1998, Samuel Weiser, Inc., USA

Prana, Secrets of Yogic Healing, 1996, Samuel Weiser, Inc., USA


‘Pancha Karma Study Course’, 2003

‘Ayurvedic Nutrition Course’, 2001

’Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners, Vol 1 – Anatomy & Physiology’, 2013, CreateSpace, USA

’Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners, Vol 2 – Pathology & Diagnosis in Ayurveda’, 2014, CreateSpace, USA

’Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners, Vol 3 – Clinical Protocols and Treatments in Ayurveda, 2015, CreateSpace, USA

’Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners, Vol 4 – Dravyaguna for Westerners’, 2nd edition (with color photos) 2013, CreateSpace, USA

’Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners, Vol 5 – Application of Ayurvedic Treatments Throughout Life’, 2016, CreateSpace, USA

Ayur-Vidya Therapeutic Guide, CreateSpace, 2017


Herbal monographs for Vedicare sarl, Ayurvedic beauty care company, 1996


Ayurvedpoint, Italy, staff

Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, The Netherlands, staff

American Herbalist Guild, USA, member

Herb Research Foundation, USA, member

Association pour le Renouveau de l’Herboristerie, France, member

American College of Vedic Astrology, USA, lifetime member

Member of task force on “Ayurveda Education”, appointed by the department of AYUSH of the Indian government.

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