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Guest Teacher


Experience: Health Consulting Natural Medicine 20 years.
Personal Advisor/Assistant to John Denver, George Harrison, Edgar Kaiser. International access and business architectural involvement in Hunger Project Africa, Rio Earth Conference, Cousteau Oceanography. I have developed this company from its inception in May 2004. We bottle pure, crystal-clear, ocean-sourced ocean minerals in our Northern California FDA Certified plant. We distribute to professional markets worldwide and concentrating in the US with holistic medicine, nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors, and co-brand with KeVita natural organic drinks. My background in Chinese Medicine, Natural Medicine, and Nutrition piqued my interest to research the product for three years before production after having met the inceptor in Australia. Blue Ocean has been tested with myself and many populations around the world. These ocean-derived minerals are undoubtedly the finest whole mineral nutrition I have ever seen, and the most fundamental. They are truly natural in their whole complexity and synergy,and a natural to absorb well into the human system. I have taken them to the fore as a company because I know that getting these special minerals to as many people as I can will help our cultural health in a serious way, and thus making the world a better place. Our oceanic inheritance is archetypal, and evermore with stress and depletions, the daily intake of synergistic minerals is crucial to everyone’s fundamental health.

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