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Lars Gustafsson has created an empowering system of significant education–which has helped thousands achieve fitness and lifestyle goals! Through BodyMind Institute, Lars offers you his compassionate and effective holistic coaching; in a series of contemporary holistic video education e-courses. After years of refinement and client request, Lars recorded The BodyMind Nutrition Certification Program. This was his first comprehensive learning program. And in 2009, Lars founded BodyMind Institute.com; a virtual learning platform which professionally represents the world’s natural health leaders in easy to love video e-course formats.

A respected visionary in the body transformation world of nutrition, Lars loves science. His passion for facts has driven him to really break down nutrition into the fundamentals. He has a great time connecting with on and offline learners, and intends to continue exploring and sharing information about the positive effects of practicing holistic health and wellness. With coaching thousands of clients over the last 20+ years, Lars has refined all of his studies, training, and practice into a much simpler way of understanding nutrition than getting lost in the details.


Born in East India to Canadian parents, Lars’ upbringing supported balance between ancient wisdom of the Far East, and Western scientific passion. Lars spent his childhood living an authentic mix of tribal and western life. He enjoys being interviewed, offers speaking engagements, and writes articles. He is available for one-on-one nutrition, health, and wellness coaching. Lars helps you get to the essence of the nutrition information that works for you! His unique style of teaching guides you to the simplest of things that have the most broad ranging affects on health and life.

“I believe one can relate–nearly everything–back to emotions and to one’s own personal growth. Even the simplest of things have the most broad ranging affects on health and life. There are real tools to achieve personal progress, which I have discovered and practice. I want us each to learn to enjoy our lives as much as possible!” Lars Gustafsson

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