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Guest Teacher


If the living, green food diet was a revolution, David Sandoval would be its Che Guevara; if there were a gospel of natural healing through all things plants, Sandoval would surely be the Pope. But while he may not be a revolutionary or a man of the cloth, Sandoval ranks among the world’s premiere experts on the benefits of the living foods lifestyle, and he’s ready to share his knowledge – and green thumb – with the world.

Sandoval is not only a world-renowned expert and in-demand lecturer and radio talk show host, but is also an entrepreneur, nutritionist, activist, personality, author and authority on whole food nutrition and disease prevention. He is currently generating immense buzz for his latest diet and weight loss plan, “Superfoods for Supermodels,” a program he originally created for nutritionally-challenged actors and models as a means to keep fit and healthy while preventing eating disorders so prevalent in the entertainment industry. The plan, which calls for a regimen of superfood supplements in addition to a diet of everyday healing foods, can be found in detail at Superfoods For Supermodels and features glowing testimonials by models and celebrities alike.

For those looking for an education in Sandoval’s school of thought, one has to look no further than his latest tome, The Green Foods Bible, from Freedom Press. In this definitive guide to superfoods, Sandoval waxes green on how to increase energy, overcome many illnesses, and boost overall health through the incorporation of such powerhouses as kamut, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, and more into your daily diet.

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