Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be interested in the HHP program?
Anyone who wants to add to a current wellness practice (Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Social Worker, Yoga Instructor) or who is generally interested in learning about aromatherapy, ayurveda, herbology, homeopathy and whole food nutrition in an organized and affordable school. Additionally, the HHP program can be a foundational training for building a wellness practice. Our HHP program is the foundational course for our Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant program, additionally our HHP program is the foundation for professional programs in aromatherapy and homeopathy that we have relationships with.

How long does the HHP program take?
The HHP program is now self-paced. Students are required to submit assignments, answer forum questions, complete projects and take exams. It should take 12 months to complete the HHP program, but you have 24 months to complete the program. The program is broken down into 4 modules plus a specialization project. Since the program is self-paced, you will have up to 24 months to complete the HHP program. To complete the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant program a student must first complete the entire HHP with a specialization in Ayurveda. Once completed the student will need to complete the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant program. The entire program will take 18-24 months and students will have 36 months to complete the program.

How is the OM Wellness Institute Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Program different than other schools?
There are some amazing schools out there that will give you a great education. We just wanted to approach the entire training in a different way. Traditional Ayurved is amazing and is the root to our school, but many of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultants that have completed a more traditional training are lacking in other important modalities. We think the best kind of practitioner is one that has knowledge in our 5 core modalities not just Ayurveda. We believe an Ayurvedic Practitioner will be much better and complete in their training if they are exposed to these other modalities such as; aromatherapy, herbology, homeopathy and whole food nutrition. This is how we are different, we are much more complete in our training. Additionally, we are much less expensive than some of these schools. The entire two programs combined is $3000.00 (if paid in full) and you become a Holistic Health Practitioner with 700 Hours of training and you become a 500 Hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Two amazing credentials, a more complete training and a great value not to mention a world class delivery and educational format.

How does OM Wellness Institute compare to other schools?
OM Wellness Institute has a great reputation throughout the country. We really have looked at almost every school and compared our school to them. For example: A popular Intergative program out of New York has a great program with great teachers, but very limited in the scope of wellness. No Ayurveda, No Aromatherapy, No herbology, No Homeopathic and a focus only on diet and nutrition. We spend a lot of time on whole food nutrition and place a large value on the importance of nutrition. The difference is the HHP student will be much more complete and able to guide a person through wellness than a person singularly trained in one specific modality. In addition, the cost is substantially less expensive and the amount of real contact hours is significantly more. We gave just one example and we have gone through almost all the schools across the nation to make sure we were Simply the best.

What is included in the HHP tuition?Tuition covers the course itself.
Books and supplies are separate. Approximately an additional $300 for the entire program for the entire program.

Does OM Wellness Institute offer payment plans or financial aid?
OM Wellness Institute is a great value and we would put our program up against any HHP program available for value and professional training.The tuition for the HHP program is $2250.00. We have been approved by PayPal for financing please see the banner advertisement on our payment section on this website. The entire HHP program and Ayurvedic program combined is $3000.00 and must be paid in full. If a HHP graduate decides they want to enter the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant program there will be an additional $750.00 for tuition, and this would also need to be paid in full.

Is OM Wellness Institute accredited?
We have very little faith in many of the accreditation agencies in our industry, so we have decided to focus on our Ayurvedic connections. We have a very good relationship with AAPNA and find that their requirements and association is of the highest standard. We have been fully approved by AAPNA in 2014. Additionally we have been approved by the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners since 2011.

Will HHP students be able to treat clients?
HHP students will be trained to coach clients, not Diagnosis disease EVER. The HHP will guide, direct and coach individuals with imbalances leading them toward balance. All OM Wellness Institute HHP students will be well trained on the legal limitations of their practice. For more difficult or complex health concerns we have advanced practitioners that can help, please contact the school for more information.

Is the HHP program difficult?
Yes and no. We believe we ask more of our students than any other HHP program in America. We require an application process and not all students will be approved. A letter of interest will be required. We will always be willing to help students with their studies and projects. If a student falls below the standards of the HHP program an additional tutor will be available for a small fee, Future graduates will be able to be tutors of the HHP program. There is no guarantee that all students will graduate. We want to make sure all students are given a serious effort to graduate and utilize all the institutes resources.

What is the learning environment and what can I expect?
The course is project-based, direct learning, virtual and experimental. We feel as though our course is unique and very different from our competitors.
A HHP student should expect 10-12 hours of study time per week, we use Moodle software to host our learning website, therefore some computer skills will be helpful (such as email, attaching docs and general computer skills)

Is there a refund if a situation occurs?
Up to 7 days after enrollment – 90% of tuition returned
Up to 14 days after enrollment – 60% of tuition returned
No Refunds after 15 days from time of enrollment

Are there any other additional benefits of being trained at OM Wellness Institute?
Yes, we have several programs available. All graduates will have a required one-on-one consultation with David Jameson to help with career counseling. We believe our HHP graduates have serious value and within every community there should be a HHP available to help guide individuals toward balance.

All graduates will be able to transfer into our advanced training program (coming soon) or transfer into one of our affiliate schools that we work with directly.

What needs to be done to keep current and certified through OM Wellness Institute with regards to the HHP program?
Once a year all graduates will have several options to take approved courses via OM Wellness Institute. Some additional courses from other schools can be applied toward this requirement. The other schools will be approved by OM Wellness Institute. This is a very important part of the professionalism of the OM Wellness Institute HHP program. This required yet difficult requirement will always keep our HHP graduates ahead in training and skills. The courses from OM Wellness Institute will be direct study and or hands on training courses. The cost will usually be under $200.00 with some approved courses being around $100.00