Holistic Health Practitioner Certification

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certification

Our Students Say it Best
  • "This curriculum is comprehensive and enlightening.  The resources provided are invaluable." –Mary-Grace Hogan

  • "I attended the OM Wellness Institute's first Holistic Health Practitioner program in 2013. The modules were clear and easy to navigate. I loved the workshops that were held directly in Michigan and although I am now living out of state I feel confident I would get the very same education studying long distance. I am glad I was able to take advantage of this program, it definitely opened my eyes to a world of possibility!" –Jessica Martin, LMT, HHP

  • "My experience with Om Wellness has been life changing.  Working at a health food store, I was able to apply the curriculum on a daily basis.  I discovered much about myself and my passions for aromatherapy, ayurveda, herbology, homeopathy, and the mind, body, spirit connection.  Anyone who is interested in holistic health, or is currently practicing, could greatly benefit from the Holistic Health Practitioner program." –Cori Douglas, HHP