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Our Students Say it Best
  • “So 2015 I was very sick near the end of the year I got really sick. I have been to many doctors and neurologists and both me and my husband have talked about the best advice and overall experience I have had is my visit with Troy Farwell. He actually listens and cares about you and doesn’t want to shove prescription drugs at you. If it wasn’t for him I do not think my recovery from the seizures and all the other health issue I have had this year would I be where I am right now. New year new goals you should make an appointment with Dr. Troy”

  • “Troy brings a depth of knowledge and real world applicability to his classes that is unmatched in all the training and classes I have ever attended”
    –Andrew, Yoga Instructor

  • “I am amazed of the complex background that Troy has, …..and yet he makes it all so simple to grasp. A truly gifted instructor”
    –-Denise, Massage Therapist

  • “There is a reason why every class Troy teaches is sold out and I drive almost 90 miles to see him,….plus he is the only person I can get my wife to come and see….must be the bald head! Count us in as a fan”
    –Charlie, MSW Social Worker